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"I came in from Cleveland for the day, and had exactly one hour to find a dress. Shevy opened for me exactly when I needed and was so helpful with picking out a stunning gown from this season that looked beautiful on me (there are literally like 500 gowns in the store).

For those wondering, I went with blush."

Chani S.

Cleveland, OH

"I went to Lakewood for a couple of wedding things. Once I was there, I figured I'd check out Gowns By Shevy, which I read about in the Yated. I wasn't expecting to spend two hours there choosing gowns together with all of my sisters-in-law! Great store, great experience."

Shoshi P.

Brooklyn, NY

"I placed three gowns for sale last week. One sold that night, and the other two were sold in under a week. How's that for a fast turnaround? (I got a great price as well). Absolutely amazing idea. Thanks so much for your help, Shevy!"

Leah L.

Lakewood, NJ

"Their old showroom was decent, but I was blown away when I walked into their new place on Debra. It's a beautiful store in general, but I think the styling and artwork are what truly make it special."

Rivky H.

Lakewood, NJ

"Great selection, great prices. Thank you, Shevy, for an easy night!"

Menucha K.

Boston, MA

"Coming from Monsey, I expected the typical ordeal involving 5 gown rentals and a couple of upset daughters after a long night. I was pleasantly surprised, then, to find something for me and both my daughters at Gowns By Shevy (our first stop!). If you haven't been, you're missing out."

Devoiry B.

Monsey, NY

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